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The Professionals

It takes a dedicated, highly experienced team of individuals to support productions of this caliber. We seek and settle for nothing less than finely crafted skills, an ability to ensure an amazing production each and every time as well as a professional demeanor. This guarantees that our clients are kept paces ahead of the competition. Many years of combined experience brings the following team to the forefront of pro audio:

Mike Sutcliffe:

With over 30 years of experience in pro touring sound engineering with some of music’s heaviest hitters, Mike has cemented his position as one of music industry’s most valuable assets. In addition to being a true ‘craftsman of sound’, he has extensive knowledge in sound analysis, audio design and installation and repair.



Richard Thompson:

Owner of the company and a true ‘renaissance man’, Richard is revered in the industry as an innovator and motivator as he has built this company to what it is from its inception. A talented, musician himself and extensively experienced in every facet of sound and production, Richard’s skills are diverse as the industry itself.



Anne Lawrie:

Anne is Richard’s business partner . Anne has nurtured this company’s growth and evolution along side of Richard throughout the years gaining an incredible knowledge of the industry. Managing this couple’s three very successful, full-line music stores for over 16 years places Anne as a true industry manager.





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